Irlandreise 2019

Ireland – The Green Island

posted by Natalie Lorenschitz
May 13th, 2019

It isn´t long ago that 36 pupils, two teachers and I set out for Ireland. We flew from Vienna directly to Dublin, the East is where we started our language trip. After two days, we made our way across the green island straight to the West, to Galway. After one week, we were all sad about leaving this wonderful country. So, I´ll now explain to you what makes Ireland such a great island!

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Dia Duit

Posted by Alina Bacher
April 29th, 2019 

Would you be offended if someone called you ‘horse’? Well, then you’d better avoid getting into contact with Irish people because they might ask you “Story, horse?” to find out how you’re doing. I have to admit that the Irish language is pretty funny sometimes. Did you know there’s a ranking from smallest to biggest idiot, or as they call it ‘eejit’?

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Miami in Europe

Posted by Emma Szabóová
June 5th

Endless fields of green grass, sheep and the most adorable cows you can imagine and ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries blaring from the speakers in every pub you pass. Ireland, the Emerald Isle. If you’re considering a trip to an English-speaking location, the place to is Ireland.

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