Intensivsprachwoche der 6C und 6D

Our journey to Cambridge
We will never forget it!

After the long and exhausting flight from Vienna to London Heathrow we finally arrived in Cambridge.Cabs took us to our host-families, who were all so nice and friendly!
And as exciting people are in the new city, as great and fascinating is Cambridge itself.
From the first day on we were all completely fascinated. Shopping, trying out new food and relaxing in the evening were awesome.
The next day we got a guided tour through the city, we visited the famous King´s College, the biggest of so many universities in Cambridge. Furthermore our class was able to get an insight into the city’s history.
On Tuesday “punting“ was on our itinerary. This sport, which is typical of Cambridge, is comparable to the gondolas in Venice - one steers the boat with a long stick and the others help him to paddel along the River Cam. For some of us this morning ended up soaking wet! The others were still dry enough to go for a nice walk along the Cam to enjoy a nice “cuppa tea“ in “The Orchard“ in Grantchester where famous British poets used to relax.
Wednesday was our sportsday ! We met at Parker's Piece in the morning and our coach showed us how to play cricket - what fun !
After this exhausting morning many of us went home to take a shower. In the afternoon we had lessons and we sweetened them with tasty cakes from Patisserie Valerie.
The next day we had  a morning off to explore the city, however we had to go to school in the afternoon. After that most of us used their spare time for shopping or looking for souvenirs. In the evening we all met at the office of EC to watch a movie. Of course, it was Harry Potter.
On Friday we went to the Fitzwilliam Museum, which was very informative, then our last day at school arrived and we got our certificates and were all very happy.
We were all pretty excited about the trip to London on Saturday and it was amazing to see such a huge, modern city. We watched the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace and then we took a look at the Thames, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Now we could discover the city individually. I think it left a big impression on all of us.

On Saturday we had to get up very early because of our plane and we arrived happily but very enriched from our travel at home that afternoon.