What a waste!

4A´s project on waste

Some weeks ago the pupils in 4A heard about the waste problems all around the world in their Englisch lessons. After they had heard how much waste there is on earth, they decided to carry out a project. On one day they went out with big plastic bags and collected all the garbage lying around in front of our school. It was unbelievable how much waste they had collected. Then they collected all the waste they produced in class for two weeks. After those two weeks they had about 10 bags full of garbage. In the following Art lessons they made trash sculptures out of that waste. Some of the sculptures really looks great. At present there is an exhibition in school so that everybody can look at these fabulous works of modern art. Thanks to Prof. Holler and Prof. Sattler, who made this project possible. Hopefully it will make people aware of environmental problems. At leas it was great fun!